Azionamenti Passo Passo - Azionamento passo passo 2DM2280

Azionamenti Passo Passo - Azionamento passo passo 2DM2280

Marche: Jmc
Codice Prodotto: 0825-2DM2280
Su Ordinazione
Prezzo: 195,20€ IVA Esc. 160,00€

MC 2 phase Nema 34 42 hybrid stepper motor driver 2DM2280

  • The new 32-bit DSP technology
  • Optically isolated differential inputs
  • Extra-low noise and anti-resonance
  • The range is 2-128 micorsteps
  • Built 500 high octave microstep ( selected microstep value)
  • Current can set between rated value alternatively
  • Stationary current is automatically halved
  • Pulse frequency response up to 200KHz
  • Overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit protection
  • Alarm output function I / O ports
  • Offline protection input ENA

JMC 2DM2280 is new digital stepper motor driver which adopts latest 32-bit DSP control technology and built-in microstepping technology. Users can set microsteps within 25600step/rev, and any current value within rated current range. 2DM2280 driver greatly improves stability and reduces noise under low subdivision. Automatic parameter tuning is integrated inside this driver, can help driver automatically adjust to best operation parameters to maximize performance of different stepper motors.






Remark:* VCC is compatible with 5V or 24V;

          R1(3~5K) must be connected to control signal terminal.









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